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👫 Rebwar K Tahir
A plastic artist from Sulaymaniyah was born in 1955 and has been practicing painting since 1977.
1977-1980, participated in the exhibitions of the University of Sulaymaniyah and Iraqi universities.
1980 Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture، and then participated in several exhibitions in the Kurdish Revolution.
1989-2011 He had four personal exhibitions in Iran, Sweden and Kurdistan.
1977-2011, participated in a group of group exhibitions inside and outside Kurdistan.
Now and from 2012
👫 Rebwar K Tahir
🏷️ Group: Biography
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✌️ Anna Campbell
A British national who was killed alongside YPJ forces in Afrin.
Sources say the 26-year-old initially travelled to Syria to join the Kurdish struggle against Islamic State, but begged her Kurdish commanders to send her to the Afrin front after Turkey launched a ground and air offensive to oust Kurdish forces from its borderlands in January.
✌️ Anna Campbell
🏷️ Group: Martyrs
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📝 Declaration of Support! Declaration of the National Support for the Resistance of Afrin
We, the representatives of dozens of Kurdish political parties, organizations, institutions, as well as hundreds of independent personalities from all professions (parliamentarians, writers, artists, academics and politicians) see ourselves as a voice for the national and united conscience of Kurdistan. We have met in the Netherlands to support Afrin's resistance and express a common position. We hereby announce to the public the following appeal: Afrin Canton was attacked 51 days ago aggressive
📝 Declaration of Support! Declaration of the National Support for the Resistance of Afrin
🏷️ Group: Documents
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📕 The Anatomy Of Brutality; Comprehensive And Updated Report On Turkey’s Blockade On Ci̇zre District
5th March 2018
📕 The Anatomy Of Brutality; Comprehensive And Updated Report On Turkey’s Blockade On Ci̇zre District
🏷️ Group: Library
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📂جەلال تاڵەبانی
💎Qshla; Koya | 🏷️ Group: Archaeological places | Articles language: 🇬🇧 English
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Qshla; Koya

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Qshla is located in the center of Koya City. Researchers differ on the date of its construction. Some relate it to the Mamalik era while others do to the second half of the 19th century during the rule of Ottoman Governor Midhat Pasha of Baghdad.

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🏙 Cities⚪ Koya
🗺 Country - Province⬇️ South Kurdistan

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Qshla; Koya

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