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👫 Bestoon Omar
My name is Bestoon Omar Hamma-Umin Rashid. I have a Master\'s degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics. I am Assistant Professor in the Biotechnology and Crop Science Department, College of Agricultural E
👫 Bestoon Omar
📕 The Origin of the Kurds
Ferdinand Hennerbichler
The Origin of the Kurds
Findings of this first interdisciplinary study suggest to connote Kurds as indigenous Northern Fertile Crescent people and descendants of an
📕 The Origin of the Kurds
👫 Ferdinand Hennerbichler
Ferdinand Hennerbichler Born 03-11-1946 in Linz, Upper Austria ,Nationality: European of Austrian origin ,Current Position: Historian, ormer Diplomat and Journalist
1957-1965 Collegium Pet
👫 Ferdinand Hennerbichler
📕 Color Atlas Of The Breast
By: Hiwa Omer Ahmed
📕 Color Atlas Of The Breast
📕 Color Altas Of Laparoscopy
By: Dr. Hiw Omer Ahmed
📕 Color Altas Of Laparoscopy
The true story of the police investigation into the \'honour\' killing of Banaz Mahmod
🎵 Honour Drama on ITV in the UK
Keeley Hawes stars in the new two-parter but who else can we expect to see in the true-life drama about the brutal murder of Banaz Mahmod?
A police chief\'s determination to uncover what happened to a
🎵 Honour Drama on ITV in the UK
🏰 Mahabad River
Mahabad River is an endorheic river in Mahabad county Iran, located at 36°46′03″N 45°42′06″E and which flows into the southern end of Lake Urmia.
The river has been crossed by the Mahabad Dam near th
🏰 Mahabad River
🏰 Lake Urmia
Lake Urmia (Persian: دریاچه ارومیه‎, Daryâche-ye Orumiye) is an endorheic salt lake in Iran.The lake is located between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan in Iran, and west of the so
🏰 Lake Urmia
🏰 Urmia
Urmia or Orumiyeh[nb 1] (Persian: ارومیه‎, pronounced [oɾumiˈje] (About this soundlisten);[nb 2] Azerbaijani: اورمیهor اورمو‎, romanized: Urmiya or Urmu, Kurdish: Ûrmiyê ,ورمێ‎;Syriac: ܐܘܪܡܝܐ‎, romani
🏰 Urmia
🌏 Kingdom of Kurdistan in 1923
Kingdom of Kurdistan in 1923[1]
🌏 Kingdom of Kurdistan in 1923
🌏 Republic of Mahabad
Republic of Mahabad 1945-1946[1]
🌏 Republic of Mahabad
👫 Narmin Mustafa Awez
A Kurdish artist based in Sulaymaniyah.
She holds a MA from the College of Fine Arts, University of Sulaimany, and PHD nominate from the same institute.
Her works is mainly, painting, extending it
👫 Narmin Mustafa Awez
☂️ Hengaw Organization for Human Rights
Hengaw Organization for Human Rights was founded in October 2016 by a group of human rights activists to report about the extensive human rights violations that were occurring in the Kurdish areas in
☂️ Hengaw Organization for Human Rights
📕 Evaluation of Local Asphalt Production and Performance Grade (PG) for Kurdistan Region-Iraq
Agreen Abdoulla Azeez
Erbil - 2019
📕 Evaluation of Local Asphalt Production and Performance Grade (PG) for Kurdistan Region-Iraq
👫 Araz Ramazan Ahmad
DR. Araz Ramazan Ahmad is currently a lecturer and director of Media office at the University of Raparin. At the same time, he works as a journalist and writer since 2004, as he is a staff member of K
👫 Araz Ramazan Ahmad
📕 The stories of shilan and miran
Shilan Jamal Shahoyi
📕 The stories of shilan and miran
📕 The Death Trap as a Political Play by Saki
A Research Project Submitted to the Department of English, College of language at the University of Salahaddin-Hawler in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of B.A in Language and Li
📕 The Death Trap as a Political Play by Saki
🎵 My Sweet Pepper Land
My Sweet Pepper Land is a 2013 Kurdish-language internationally co-produced drama film directed by Huner Saleem.It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival It was
🎵 My Sweet Pepper Land
🎵 Vodka Lemon
Vodka Lemon (Kurdish Sorani: ڤۆدکا لیمۆ) is a 2003 film directed by the Iraqi–Kurdish director Hiner Saleem.
Produced by Fabrice Guez
Written by Lei Dinety
Pauline Gouzenne
Hiner Saleem
🎵 Vodka Lemon
👫 Hiner Saleem
Huner Saleem (Kurdish: هونه‌ر سەلیم), also transliterated as Huner Salim, (born 09-03-1964), is an Iraqi–Kurdish film director. He was born in the town of Aqrah (Akre) in Iraqi Kurdistan. He left Iraq
👫 Hiner Saleem
🎵 Kilomètre Zéro
Kilomètre zéro (Sorani Kurdish: کیلۆمەتری سفر) is a 2005 film written, produced, and directed by the Kurdish director Hiner Saleem. Kilometre Zero is the first Iraqi film chosen for the official Canne
🎵 Kilomètre Zéro
☂️ Kurdistan Botanical Foundation -KBF
Kurdistan Botanical Foundation -KBF
فاوندەیشنی رووەکی کوردستان [1]
The Kurdistan Botanical Foundation (hereafter KBF) is a non-profit organization that was established by a group of botanists and en
☂️ Kurdistan Botanical Foundation -KBF
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Yezidism (Alevism)
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Migrant crisis: The truth a...
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Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The...
👫 Biography
Asenath Barzani
👫 Biography
Zeynab Jalalian
👫 Masoud Barzani | Group: Biography | Articles language: 🇬🇧 English
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Masoud Barzani
- President Masoud Barzani originates from a religious and nationalistic family of southern Kurdistan. The Barzan family has remained actively involved in the process of the Kurdistan liberation movement for over a century.
- President Barzani’s family adheres to the Sufi spiritual order of Naqshbandi and it has played a major role in the national movements in Kurdistan
- The leading members of the Barzan family, starting from Sheikh Abdulsalam Barzani the first and later Sheikh Muhammad Barzani and Sheikh Abdulsalam Barzani the second and up until Sheikh Ahmad Barzani, have been dominant figures in the Kurdistan liberation movements across Kurdistan
- Mustafa Barzani played a major role in further organizing the military and party ranking systems for the Barzan Revolution in pursuit of the national rights of the people of Kurdistan
- Masoud Mustafa Barzani was born on the sixteenth of August 1946 in Mahabad, the then capital of the Republic of Kurdistan. That day coincides with the founding of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad when Mustafa Barzani was elected the first President of the KDP.
- Following the fall of the Kurdistan Republic, Masoud Barzani, along with his family returned to Southern Kurdistan. General Mustafa Barzani, accompanied by over 500 men moved towards the Soviet Union where he would remain until the fall of the royal family in Iraq in 1958 when he was granted the permission to return to Kurdistan. Sheikh Ahmad Barzani, Mustafa Barzani’s older brother was also released from prison following the 1958 Iraqi revolution, which resulted in the overthrow of the Hashemite monarchy
- President Masoud Barzani was compelled to abandon his school at the start of the September Revolution and joined the Peshmerga forces on May 20, 1962.
- In 1967 President Masoud Barzani was one of the founders of the Parastin Agency, the intelligence service of the Kurdistan Democratic Party
- In 1970 President Barzani was one of the key negotiators from the Kurdish side with the Iraqi government, which led to the March 11 Agreement
- The President was elected to the KDP Central Committee in 1970 and later became a reserve member of the Politburo
- Following the collapse of the September Revolution in 1975, President Barzani and his brother, Idris Barzani along with a number of KDP leaders established the Provisional Leadership whose main task was the continuation of the liberation movement in Southern Kurdistan
- Between 1976 and 1979 President Barzani spent a considerable amount of time with his father, the late Mustafa Barzani who was being treated in the United States
- At the start of 1979 President Barzani visited Vienna en route to meeting with the office of Imam Khomeini in Paris and for the purpose of coordinating efforts against the regime of the Shah. The Iraqi intelligence carried out a failed assassination attempt against President Barzani
- After the Iranian Revolution of 1979 President Barzani returned to Tehran and it was there in March when he was apprised of the death his father, Mustafa Barzani. Mustafa Barzani’s body was brought from the United States to Eastern Kurdistan and was buried in Shino (Oshnavieh)
- During the ninth party congress of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in 1979 President Barzani was elected as the President of the KDP.
- In 1983 the regime of Saddam Hussein ordered the mass murder of members of the Barzan tribe. As a result of that genocidal decree, 8000 Barzanis, 37 of whom were immediate members of President Barzani’s family were buried in mass graves across Iraq
- During the 1980s President Barzani commanded the Peshmerga Forces in the continuous struggle for the national rights of the people of Kurdistan
- In 1986 President Barzani authored “Mustafa Barzani and the Kurdish Liberation Movement” in Arabic. The book has since been translated into Kurdish, Turkish, Persian and English.
- On January 31, 1987 Idris Mustafa Barzani, Masoud’s brother and lifetime comrade passed away in Eastern Kurdistan
- President Barzani led the Khwakurk Battle against the Iraqi regime in 1988 which is considered to be one of the most epic fights with the Saddam regime as it served as a clear indicator to Baghdad that even the Final Solution against the Kurds would not impede them from pursuing their national rights
- On May 3, 1988 the Kurdistan Front was established which consisted of eight main Kurdish political parties from Southern Kurdistan. Both President Masoud Barzani and the late Idris Barzani had worked tirelessly throughout the 1980s in establishing the Kurdistan Front in pursuit of unifying the various political parties of Kurdistan
- In 1991 President Barzani played a crucial role in the Kurdish Uprising against the Saddam Hussein regime
- On April 7, 1991 President Barzani led the Kore Battle against the attacking forces of the Iraqi regime. The Kore Battle resulted in Iraq’s failure to further advance in Southern Kurdistan
- On Newroz of 1991 in the town of Koye, President Barzani called for elections in Kurdistan, which would pave the way to the formation of the Kurdistan Parliament, and the Kurdistan Regional Government
- In June 1991 President Barzani was awarded the Human Rights award by the International Human Rights Law Group
- In 1992 President Barzani was selected as a member of the leadership of the Iraqi National Congress
- Following the Kurdish Civil War of the mid 1990s President Barzani and the late President Jalal Talabani, under the auspices of the then United States Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright signed an agreement in Washington in September of 1998 to end the conflict and work towards the continuous efforts against the Saddam Hussein regime
- President Barzani played a significant role in the process of removing the Saddam Hussein regime from power through his leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, one of the main opponents of the regime and his close coordination with other Kurdish, Shia and Sunni opposition groups and personalities
- President Barzani’s pursuit of Kurdish national rights in a peaceful and democratic Iraq has kept him as a key leader in Iraqi politics. That continuing struggle has taken him to world leaders across the globe from various Presidents of the United States, Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Italy, Presidents of France, Chancellors of Germany, and leaders of other European powers, as well as other global and regional leaders to ensure that the righteous message of the people of Kurdistan is conveyed to the world
- In July 2003 President Barzani was selected as a member of Iraqi Governing Council, during that time, he strengthened his relations with various Arab leaders with whom he had established contacts long before 2003 from the leaders of the Persian Gulf, most notably the Saud family to the President of Egypt and Jordan’s King Abdullah
- On June 12, 2005 President Barzani was elected as the President of the Kurdistan Region by a majority of votes from the Kurdistan Parliament
- During his first term as President of the Kurdistan Region, President Masoud Barzani strengthened the bilateral relations of the Kurdistan Region with various world countries and international organizations.
- He held meetings with Popes Benedict XVI and Francis on several occasions and was commended for the religious tolerance of the Kurdistan Region and President Barzani’s treatment of the Chaldo-Assyrian communities in the Region
- President Barzani and the late President Jalal Talabani signed the “Strategic Agreement” between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on December 1, 2004. That agreement, aimed at continuing the peaceful struggle for Kurds’ rights in a federal and democratic Iraq, was a significant factor of the prosperity in the Kurdistan Region during the decade that followed
- President Barzani attended several events in Erbil aimed at strengthening the Kurdish-Arab relations in Iraq. He also visited a number of Arab countries including Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Lebanon. He received President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian National Authority in Erbil in 2009
- President Barzani also established relations with several European countries, which now have diplomatic missions in Erbil
- President Barzani played a big role in enhancing the relations with Russia that included several visits to Moscow and St. Petersburg
- On July 25, 2009 President Barzani was elected for a second term as the President of the Kurdistan Region where he received 70% of the votes from the people of the Kurdistan Region
- In 2011 President Barzani received the Atlantic Award in Rome for promoting peace and religious tolerance
- On July 22, 2013 President Barzani supervised a meeting with 39 members of various representatives from political parties across all four parts of Kurdistan with the aim of preparing for a pan Kurdish congress
- In 2013 the Kurdistan Parliament voted for an extension to the term of the Kurdistan Region Presidency
- In 2014 as the chief of the armed forces of the Kurdistan Region President Barzani led the battles against the brutal terrorists of the Islamic State
- During the period of the war against the terrorists of the Islamic State, the Peshmerga forces became a symbol of resistance against the cruelty of the terrorists. President Barzani was visited by a number of world leaders who collectively commended the crucial role of the Peshmerga forces in the existential clash with the terrorists of the Islamic State
- On June 7, 2017 President Barzani held a meeting with various political entities from across the Kurdistan Region. During the meeting, President Barzani announced that the Iraqi Kurdistan Independence Referendum shall be held on September 25, 2017
- President Barzani participated in a number of gatherings across the Kurdistan Region in support of the referendum between June and September of 2017
- On October 29, 2017 the Kurdistan Parliament voted for an extension to the Kurdistan Parliament and the Kurdistan Region Presidency, however, President Barzani did not accept the invitation and stepped down as the President of the Kurdistan Region, remaining as the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the other only sacred title to him, that of being a Peshmerga
- President Barzani has been married since 1965, he has eight children, five sons and three daughters
- President Barzani is fluent in Kurdish and Arabic and can also speak English and Persian
- President Barzani enjoys reading history and military books. He’s also an avid reader of Kurdish poetry by Malay Ciziei, Ahmede Xane and Wafaei
- He’s a football fan and enjoys swimming and walking
- President Barzani has a keen interest in environmental issues, in line with the teachings of Sheikh Abdulsalam Barzani and Sheikh Ahmad Barzani . [1]
🗄 Sources
[1] 📡 Website | 🏳️ کوردیی ناوەڕاست | masoudbarzani.krd
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41.👁️پەیامێکی بەپەلە لە بارزانیەوە، کاتی سەربەخۆییە
42.👁️پەیوەندی تەلەفۆنی وەزیری دەرەوە تیلەرسن لەگەڵ سەرۆک وەزیرانی عێراق حەیدەر ئەلعەبادی و سەرۆکی هەرێمی کوردستانی عێراق مەسعود بارزانی، رۆژی 04-08-2017
43.👁️دیدارم لەگەڵ سەرۆک مەسعود بارزانی و وتەی من و وەڵام و گفتوگۆکانمان لەگەڵ بەڕێزیان
44.👁️دەقی پەیامی مەسعود بارزانی بە بۆنەی پەنجاوسێ ساڵەی شۆڕشی ئەیلوول
45.👁️دەقی نامەی وەزیری دەرەوەی ویلایەتە یەکگرتووەکانی ئەمەریکا بۆ مەسعود بارزانی لە رۆژی 23-09-2017
46.👁️راگەیەندراوی کۆبوونەوەی مەسعود بارزانی لەگەڵ نوێنەری تایبەتی سەرۆکی ئەمەریکا و نوێنەری سکرتێری گشتیی UN و باڵیۆزانی ئەمەریکا و بریتانیا لەعێراق
47.👁️سوپاسنامەیەک لەلایەن عیزەت ئەلدوری بۆ مەسعود بارزانی
48.👁️سەبارەت بە ڕووداوەکانی چەند ڕۆژی ڕابردوو و گرژییەکانی شاری قەڵادزێ، مەسعود بارزانی پەیامێکی بڵاوکردەوە
49.👁️سەرۆکایەتیی هەرێمی کوردستان رونکردنەوەیەکی‌ لەبارەی‌ چاوپێکەوتنەکەی‌ مەسعود بارزانی‌ لەگەڵ پێگەی‌ ئەلمۆنیتۆر بڵاوکردەوە
50.👁️عەلی باپیر بە توندی وەڵامی مەسعوود بارزانی دەداتەوە
51.👁️لە 31 ئابدا داوا دەکەین: مەسعود بارزانی وەک بەرپرسی یەکەمی کوشتارو ماڵوێرانی خەڵکی کوردستان دادگای بکرێت
52.👁️لە هاوبیر پشکۆ ئەمین - وە بۆ هەڤاڵ مەسعود بارزانی
53.👁️مەسعود بارزانی بۆ دۆناڵد ترامپ: خوێنی کورد زۆر لە پارە و چەک بە بەهاترە
54.👁️مەسعود بارزانی بەبۆنەی ساڵیادی دامەزراندنی پارتی بارزانی پەیامێکی بڵاوکردەوە
55.👁️مەسعود بارزانی بەبۆنەی یادی 56 ساڵەی بێسەروشوێنکردنی زیاتر لە 100 گەنجی سلێمانی و 34 ساڵەی بۆردوومانکردنی ئۆردوگای زێوە
56.👁️مەسعود بارزانی پەیامێک لە بارەی هێرشەکەی کوڵەجۆ و تەقینەوەکانی کەرکووک بڵاودەکاتەوە
57.👁️مەسعود بارزانی پەیامێک لەبارەی بودجەی عێراق بڵاودەکاتەوە
58.👁️مەسعود بارزانی پەیامێک لەبارەی دۆخی عێراق و ناوچەکە بۆ رای گشتیی بڵاودەکاتەوە
59.👁️مەسعود بارزانی پەیامێکی لەبارەی چاکسازی بڵاوکردەوە
60.👁️مەسعود بارزانی سەرۆکی هەرێمی کوردستان راگەیێندراوێکی لەبارەی چوونی هێزی پێشمەرگە بۆ کۆبانێ بڵاوکردەوە
61.👁️مەسعود بارزانی نیگەرانی خۆی لە دۆخی کورد لە رۆژئاوای کوردستان دەردەبڕێت و رایدەگەیێنێت
62.👁️مەسعود بارزانی یەکەمین گوتاری دوای سوێندخواردنی، نێچیرڤان بارزانی سەرۆکی هەرێمی کوردستان پێشکەشکرد
63.👁️مەسعود بارزانی‌ بە بۆنەی‌ هێرشەکەی‌ چەند رۆژی‌ رابردووی‌ چەکدارەکانی‌ رێکخراوی‌ تیرۆریستی‌ داعشەوە، پەیامێکی‌ بڵاوکردەوە
64.👁️مەسعود بارزانی‌ بەهۆی‌ سەرکەوتنەکانی‌ ئەمڕۆی‌ هێزی‌ پێشمەرگەی‌ کوردستان لەبەرامبەر چەکدارەکانی‌ رێکخراوی‌ تیرۆریستی‌ داعش، لە پەیامێکدا دەستخۆشی لە هێزەکانی‌ پێشمەرگە دەکات
65.👁️مەسعود بارزانی: سووتاندنی دەغل و دانی هاووڵاتیانی کورد لە ناوچەکانی ماددەی 140
66.👁️مەسعود بارزانی: هیچ کەسێک بۆی نییە کۆسرەت رەسول دەستگیربکات
67.👁️مەسعود بارزانی: هەموو جۆرە بۆچوونێک ڕەت دەکەمەوە کە پێیان وایە من بەدیلم نییە
68.👁️مەسعود بارزانی: کۆبوونەوەکەی دوێنێ شانازییە بۆ لایەنە بەشداربووەکان
69.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، بەبۆنەی کۆچی دوایی یوسف قازی، پرسە و سەرەخۆشی خۆی ئاراستەی خانەوادەی قازی و تەواوی دانیشتوانی شاری مەهاباد کرد
70.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، پەیامێکی سەرەخۆشی بۆ خەڵکی شاری سەقزی رۆژهەڵاتی کوردستان بڵاودەکاتەوە
71.👁️مەسعود بارزانی؛ بۆ تەقینەوەکانی کەرکوک 30-05-2019
72.👁️نامەکەی مەسعود بارزانی بۆ پەرلەمانی کوردستان لە 28-10-2017
73.👁️نامەی حەکیم کاکەوەیس بۆ مەسعود بارزانی سەبارەت بە رووداوەکانی کەرکوک
74.👁️نامەی مەسعود بارزانی بۆ عیزەت ئەلدوری
75.👁️نامەیەکی مەلا کرێکار بۆ مەسعود بارزانی
76.👁️نامەیەکی کراوە بۆ بەرێز / مەسعود بارزانی
77.👁️نەوشیروان مستەفا سێ پەیام ئاڕاستەی هاوڵاتیان و مام جەلال و مەسعود بارزانی دەکات
📷 Image and Description
1.👁️ئیدریس بارزانی، حەمید بەرواری و مەسعود بارزانی
2.👁️ئیدریس بارزانی، فازیل میرانی و مەسعود بارزانی - 1978
3.👁️ئەنوەر بەگی بێتواتە و کوڕەکانی و مەسعود بەرزانی و نەوشیروان مستەفا لە 16-03-1991 لە بێتواتە
4.👁️دانیێلە میتران و مەسعوود بارزانی کوردستان ساڵی 1991
5.👁️رێکڵام بۆ مەسعود بارزانی لە فەڕەنسا
6.👁️سامی عەبدولڕەحمان، مەسعود بارزانی، جەلال تالەبانی و زەعیم عەلی
7.👁️سەردار ئەنوەر بەگ بێتواتە، نەوزاد ئەنوەر بەگ بێتواتە و مەسعود بارزانی
8.👁️سەردانی مەسعود بارزانی بۆ بەنداوی دوکان لە 1970
9.👁️سەردانێکی زووی مەسعود بارزانی بۆ مزگەوتی حاجی کاک ئەحمەد لە سلێمانی ساڵی 1970
10.👁️شێخ ئەحمەدی بارزان و مەسعود بارزانی
11.👁️عوسمانی قالە منەوەر، مەسعود بارزانی و مستەفا چاوڕەش
12.👁️عەبدوڵڵا ئوجەلان و مەسعود بارزانی
13.👁️فەرەیدون عەبدولقادر و مەسعود بارزانی
14.👁️مستەفا بارزانی و مەسعود بارزانی لە ئەمریکا
15.👁️مستەفا چاوڕەش لەگەڵ کاک مەسعود بارزانی
16.👁️ملازم عومەر، مەسعود بارزانی، نەوشیروان مستەفا، جەبار فەرمان
17.👁️مەسعود بارزانی - ساڵی 1959
18.👁️مەسعود بارزانی بە منداڵی
19.👁️مەسعود بارزانی لە رووباری روکوچک لە دەڤەری بارزان مەلەدەکات
20.👁️مەسعود بارزانی لەگەڵ کۆمەلێک لە پیاوانی فەڵەدا
21.👁️مەسعود بارزانی لەکاتی ئەسپ سواریدا
22.👁️مەسعود بارزانی لەکاتی نوێژکردندا
23.👁️مەسعود بارزانی لەکاتی نوێژکردندا 2
24.👁️مەسعود بارزانی و ئیدریس بارزانی و.....
25.👁️مەسعود بارزانی و تۆرگۆت ئۆزال
26.👁️مەسعود بارزانی و تەحسین شاوەیس
27.👁️مەسعود بارزانی و دانێلە میتران
28.👁️مەسعود بارزانی و عەبدولکەریم قاسم
29.👁️مەسعود بارزانی و مەسعود محەمەد
30.👁️مەسعود بارزانی و نەوشیروان مستەفا
31.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، جەلال تالەبانی و عەزیز محەمەد
32.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، جەلال تاڵەبانی و سامی عەبدولڕەحمان
33.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، حاکم قادر و نەوشیروان مستەفا
34.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، شێخ محەمەد خالید و ئیدریس بارزانی
35.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، فەلەکەدین کاکەیی و عیسمەت ئەحمەدی هاوژینی هەژار موکریانی لە ماڵی هەژار موکریانی لە شاری کەرەج
36.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، مستەفا بارزانی، مەلایەک و مەحمود عوسمان
37.👁️مەسعود بارزانی، کۆسرەت رەسوڵ عەلی، جەلال تاڵەبانی و جەنەڕاڵێکی تورک لە باشووری کوردستان
38.👁️مەسعود بەرزانی و مام جەلال و.
39.👁️نێچیرڤان بارزانی دەستی مەسعود بارزانی ماچ دەکات
40.👁️نەجمەدین کەریم و مەسعود بارزانی
41.👁️نەوشیروان مستەفا، مەسعود بارزانی، جەوهەر نامیق، فەلەکەدین کاکەیی و سامی عەبدولڕەحمان
42.👁️ويسی مەسعود بارزانی و نوح مەسعود بارزانی
43.👁️وێنەیەک کە لە میدیاکاندا بڵاوکراوەتەوە و پێدەچێت مەسعود بارزانی بێت لە یەکێک لە سەنگەرەکانی پێشمەرگەدا نووستووە
44.👁️کوردانی باکوور داوەتی مەسعود بارزانی دەکەن
45.👁️کەریم سنجاری، عزەت سلێمان، مەسعود بارزانی و ملازم هەجەر سندی
46.👁️کەریم سەلام، مەسعود بارزانی و جەمال عەبدول
📕 Library
1.👁️بارزانی و بزووەنەوەی رزگاریخوازی کورد بەرگی 2 (1958-1961)
2.👁️بارزانی و بزووەنەوەی رزگاریخوازی کورد بەرگی 3 بەشی 1 (1961-1975)
3.👁️بۆ مێژوو
4.👁️ژیان و نهێنییەکانی مەسعود بارزانی
5.👁️مەسعود بارزانی.. پێشمەرگەیەک لە پێگەی سەرۆکی هەرێمدا - بەرگی 1
6.👁️مەسعود بارزانی.. پێشمەرگەیەک لە پێگەی سەرۆکی هەرێمدا - بەرگی 2
7.👁️مەسعود بارزانی.. پێشمەرگەیەک لە پێگەی سەرۆکی هەرێمدا - بەرگی 3
8.👁️مەسعود بارزانی.. پێشمەرگەیەک لە پێگەی سەرۆکی هەرێمدا - بەرگی 4
9.👁️مەسعود بارزانی.. پێشمەرگەیەک لە پێگەی سەرۆکی هەرێمدا - بەرگی 5
10.👁️مەسعود بارزانی.. پێشمەرگەیەک لە پێگەی سەرۆکی هەرێمدا - بەرگی 6
🔣 Miscellaneous
1.👁️سووتاندنی جامانەی سوور و وێنەی مەسعود بارزانی
☂️ Parties & Organizations
1.👁️پارتی دیموکراتی کوردستان
📊 Statistics and Surveys
1.👁️راپرسی دەزگایەکی بەناوبانگی ئەمریکی : زۆرینە لە مەسعود بارزانی ناڕازین
📼 Video
1.👁️کەژاوەی ئوتومبیلەکانی مەسعود بارزانی
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Yezidism (Alevism)
History/Founder: Yezidis are a Kurdish sect, is believed by some to be named after their supposed founder Yezid, the Umayyad Caliph (more probable is that Yezidi is related to the Sumerian, Ezidi, \'shining path,\' or from the Pahlavi word Yazd, \'angel.\'). The Yezidi revere the Prophet Mohammed and the Sufi mystic Adi Musafir, a descendent of the Umayyad Caliphs (Kalifs). Adi is credited with writing many of the Yezidi Holy texts and is most likely to be the originator of the faith. Islamic writin
Yezidism (Alevism)
Migrant crisis: The truth about the boy on the beach Aylan Kurdi
His lifeless body cradled in a policeman’s arms, the drowned boy on the beach has become a symbol for the suffering of Syrian refugees.
Three-year-old Alan Kurdi (his first name was initially incorrectly given as Aylan) perished along with his five-year-old brother and mother off the coast of Turkey.
His father survived and gave a heart-rending account of how he watched his family die after the flimsy dinghy that was supposed to carry them to a brighter future was swamped by rough seas.
Migrant crisis: The truth about the boy on the beach Aylan Kurdi
Turkey v Syria\'s Kurds: The short, medium and long story
The Turkish military has launched a major cross-border operation in north-eastern Syria against a Kurdish-led militia alliance allied to the United States.
The move came after US troops, who relied on the militia alliance to defeat the Islamic State (IS) group on the ground in Syria, withdrew from the border area.
We\'ve boiled down why it matters.
Why has Turkey launched an assault?
One main reason: Turkey considers the biggest militia in the Kurdish-led alliance a terrorist group. It says i
Turkey v Syria\'s Kurds: The short, medium and long story
Asenath Barzani
Asenath Barzani, Born to Samuel Ben Nathanel halevi in 1590 CE in the Kurdish city of Mosul in Southern Kurdistan. She was raised by her father Samuel who taught her Kabbalah and excused her from all daily tasks that other young girl her age usually did. She dedicated her life to studying and memorizing the Holy words of God. Asenath was quoted by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, The Receiving; Recovering Feminine Wisdom p. 112 as saying “Never in my life did I step outside of my home. I was the daughter
Asenath Barzani
Zeynab Jalalian
Zeynab Jalalian, born in 1982, is a Kurdish activist from a small village called Deim Qeshlaq located around Maku in Eastern Azerbaijan province in Iran. She was arrested in February 2007 by the forces of Kermanshah Intelligence Bureau on charges of membership in PJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan).
She was interrogated at Intelligence Detention Centre in Kermanshah for a month while being seriously tortured both mentally and physically. She was then transferred to Kermanshah Youth Rehabi
Zeynab Jalalian

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